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Our History                                 

Road Runner World Mission is a registered charitable and missionary organization in India for the objective of preaching the gospel and sharing of God's concern with world. The organizers of the mission are very highly respected and motivated servants of God with decades of Christian and ministerial experiences in the service of the Lord. God's mission of reaching the unreached at any cost to the vast millions of people who haven't ever heard of of the gospel of salvation was the prime motive in beginning of the RRW Mission and Harvest Mission Ministries.

We are focusing on the least reached villages and towns of India and neighboring countries. India with a population of one billion people is the second largest nations in the earth. Indeed it is a nation of many nations!!! Among the one billion people only a merge population who have ever heard of Jesus. So it was imperative on our part to involve in training and sending missionaries in to the fields. North India is barren land as far as the gospelization are concerned. It had soaked many martyrs' blood in its soil. Many have had labored but the results were very poor for various reasons.

But for a decade now, tremendous responses are pouring in from all parts of the country of a great love for God and we must take this opportunity to tell the people about the love of God which was manifested on the cross. Now the doors are not closed for the gospel in India, there for we must do it now so that we will not regret later.! Who knows whether tomorrow we will not get an opportune way/time like today or not!? Because the Religious fundamental groups are already targeting Christian minority for preaching gospel in India. Few States in this country have already passed the religious conversion bill which prohibits conversion. And any body doing so would attract severe punishment from the law of those particular states. There for it is the hour for us to do the work of the Great Master Lord Jesus.! Amen   


                        World Time



   Harvest Mission College

               A Ministry of Road Runner World Mission


           Mission Statement

         The mission of Harvest Mission College is to train Gods people as approved of God and equipped for the ministry consistent with biblical teaching, in order to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

          Harvest Mission College is one of the ministries of Road Runner World Mission- Regd as one of theirs objectives. RRWM was established for      reaching the unreached and telling the untold about Gods provision for salvation through Christ Jesus. It also involves in Church planting       among many peoples groups. Various Christian assemblies have come across the many part of the nation of India as a result.    Harvest   Mission         Publication is the largest publishing ministry in Hindi for quality theological books.

               Location of the College

           Harvest Mission College is situated within the National Capital Region of India. HMC is just 5 K.M out side the Delhi border. Noida is the destination for many institution and multinational companies in these days. There  fore it is close enough to enjoy the facilities provided by city life and the natures beauty has added advantage.

              Campus life










The administration aims to maintain a spiritual atmosphere on campus in order to promote spiritual growth in every area of the students life. All daily activities and special programs are organized to stimulate the students towards a deeper commitments to Christ, development of social character, and dedication towards Gods eternal purposes.

There are ample opportunities for intercultural experiences through cultural activities presented by the students body representing the varied racial and linguistic backgrounds. There are opportunities for leadership development through appointed leadership assignments.

Parts of the training includes personal spiritual development through organized meditation hours, daily chapel services, prayer meetings, organized corporate fasts, weekly evangelism and out reach, social service programs.

Along with various off campus programs, such as helping the under privileged through meeting the  social needs and helping the poor through free tuitions and counseling in the surrounding villages, make students life fully occupied.

Students are encouraged and assigned various responsibilities for church ministry through HARVEST MISSION CHURCH ( which is the ministry of RRWM ) in the city.Our Mission head quarter situated in the National Capital territory of India,  New Delhi . Our mission activities are spread across 7 different states in the Northern part of India. North India is one of the most unreached parts of the world, still accessible to the gospel of Christ. India is predominantly a Hindu nation with more than 70% of the population subscribe to Hinduism.

Christians in this country are only a minority of 2.5% of total one billion people. Incidentally India is the second largest populated country in the world.We are reaching out to this one billion people hoping to achieve a great harvest before the return of Jesus Christ.

Among our ministries we are planting churches in this part of the world. Our Churches are known as HARVEST MISSION CHURCH. All our local churches are Hindi speaking groups with few local dialects in certain areas.

We also train young people for the mission fields. They have been given three years of intensive missionary training on mission and bible and send to the fields. These courses are regular and accredited by Zion University. Along with their training on hand experiences are given through missionary trips and summer ministries.


Looking at the great need of Christian literature in local languages we have begun HARVEST MISSION PUBLICATION for educating at imparting and bringing world class Christian books in their own language in an affordable price.

We are also involved in social activities through providing free education to the down trodden of the society. And providing food to the poor and orphans are another feature of our mission. We are also in the process of setting up shelter homes for the poor/old/orphans in our mission center.

We solicit the prayers and support to this mission from all those people who are bound by the love of God for this world. It is a great challenge for you to be part in this mission. Any contribution you make would be to reach a soul for the Kingdom of God. Your goodwill will wipe away the tears from some ones eyes. They would thank you for your generosity. Millions in this part of the world will surely lit their faces with shining gospel of Jesus. India would hear the gospel and many would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus before they pass to eternity with out hearing the gospel of Jesus. And your reward will be great in heaven


Rev.(Dr) Biju John

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