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India: Anti-Christian Tensions Mount

The pace of harassment, intimidation and persecution of India's own missionaries seems to have quickened since the state of Tamil Nadu passed its anti-conversion law last October. The law seems to have emboldened India's Hindus to greater audacity.
One Indian newspaper falsely said in December that 1500 Hindus were forcefully converted to Christianity, fanning hostilities even further. "It did not happen," said a Christian leader in Bihar State. "It was published by
anti-Christian groups to put the Christian community in trouble."

In Orissa State, radical Hindus fabricated false charges of forced conversions against a certain missionary, and acts of harassment and intimidation have been going on for weeks. His very life might be in danger.

"Missionaries in Chattisgarh are facing tough opposition," says a mission leader in Maharashtra State. Chattisgarh State was carved out of Madhya Pradesh State in 2000. One pastor could not even conduct a prayer and fasting meeting in his own church due to interference by Hindu radicals.

Last November, Hindus in Maharashtra attacked the home of a native missionary while he was away. They destroyed furnishings, a signboard and frightened his wife and children who were home at the time. The family moved to another community for their own safety.

A film team in Madhya Pradesh was attacked with stones and clubs, putting one of the members into a coma. Police were called and the team members were hospitalized. They since have been dismissed, but now must pay huge hospital bills.

In Andhra Pradesh, a children's home that last year moved into new facilities for 300 children was suddenly cut off when a hostile neighboring Hindu landowner claimed the home's driveway was on his land and brought in heavy machinery to dig a huge trench through it. The highly volatile matter is still unsettled.

Recently, American Joseph Cooper was charged with illegal religious activity in Kerala State, attacked with clubs and irons in the street, and then deported
after he was released from the hospital.

"And for every incident we hear about, there are probably 100 that we don't know about," said Christian Aid's senior news editor, John Lindner.

Yet missionaries in India continue to proclaim the gospel despite the danger.
When Indian preachers recently conducted a three-day convention in Bastar, the third largest tribal district in India located in Madhya Pradesh, Hindus forced some Christians to revert back to Hinduism. While that was going on, five families came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

It is of note that despite the enactment of anti-conversion laws in four states and the rabid harangue of Hindus against alleged forced conversions by
Christians, not one case of forced conversions has ever been documented. The only documented forced conversions are those of Hindus forcing Christians to revert back to Hinduism.

Pray for missionaries and gospel preachers of India who wage a constant battle against harassment, intimidation, often unresponsive police, and sometimes prejudicial courts.

*The credit for the news are due for various sources.
Our Views:- In this scenario, what the Christians must do? They can all go to God in prayer just like the days of Mordechai and Esther. Our God would bring deliverance for His people from some where!!

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